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Saved:  Andres was saved at 18 years of age in an independent Baptist church.  He began his ministry in a Southern Baptist Church and was later introduced to the doctrines of grace.  

Wife: Rhonda: American born, medical training, speaks fluent Spanish and works in the translation part of the ministry.

Children: Lael, Dámaris

Background:  Community Baptist Church of Elmendorf, Texas, along with partners from many other churches, supports Andres as he strives to reach the people in the mountain villages and cities of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, with the Gospel of Grace.

For over 15 years this ministry outreach has been sustained by the grace of God through faithful prayers and support.


Faith Baptist Church supports other international mission families.  Due to the inherent danger of the political situation of the countries that other mission families are in, we are unable to provide additional information about them at this time.